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Inulin powder 100g

Inulin is a naturally occurring sugar, white powder, a bit like starch but unlike starch it dissolves well in water. It is an excellent prebiotic that can help stimulate the development of a good bacterial flora in the gut. This is a dietary supplement. Comparative price: SEK 490/kg

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Carobpulver -250g EKO

Organic carob is a powder that both looks and tastes like traditional cocoa. It is obtained directly from the pods of the carob tree. It is an ideal substitute for chocolate and a thickener for many dishes. Comparative price: SEK 490/kg

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Propolis - tincture 20% 30ml

Propolis is a natural substance produced by bees to protect the hive against pathogens. It consists of waxes, resins, mucilage substances and resin that plants and trees give off. Propolis contains, among other things, flavonoids, which act as antioxidants and protect against free radicals. This...

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Freeze-dried royal jelly - 30 capsules x 200 mg

Royal jelly is a secretion produced by the workers who care for the bee larvae. Our royal jelly in capsules is produced by freeze-drying and contains as much as 5% of the active substance 10-DHA. This is a dietary supplement. Comparative price: SEK 4.63/ cap (SEK 9.26/ portion)

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