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Common nettle leaf - Urtica dioica 100 g

Common nettle ( Urtica dioica ) is not just a weed that can grow in your garden. The plant can be used in the form of tea or infusion - it has a nice mild herbal taste. Nettle also contains many vitamins and minerals such as iron, vitamin C and potassium. Comparative price: SEK 590/kg

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Coltsfoot leaf - Tussilago farfara 100 g

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) is a plant that is widespread over almost the entire European continent. The characteristics of coltsfoot have been known since Greek antiquity. The herb leaves are used for decoction, infusion or tea. Comparative price: SEK 590/kg

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Damiana leaves -Turnera diffusa 50g

Damiana is a shrub named after the medieval apothecary St. Damian, who recommended the leaves of Damiana for various ailments. The shrub occurs in South and Central America. It is the leaves that are used. Comperative price: SEK 1180kr/kg

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Raspberry leaf -100 g

Raspberry is perhaps one of the most useful berries because it has many uses. Examples of this, in addition to fresh consumption and desserts, are juice, jam, jelly, wine, meal drinks and smoothies. Raspberry leaves can be used fresh or dried in herbal tea. Comparative price: SEK 690/kg

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Blackberry leaf - Rubus fruticosus folium 100 g

Blackberry leaf - is an herb that is often used in folk medicine. Contains tannins and traces of essential oil. Suitable as an herbal tea or use as a gargle. You can also add blackberry leaves to a warm bath. Comparative price: SEK 490/kg

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Dandelion leaves -Taraxaci folium 100g

Dandelion has been used in Chinese, Ayurvedic and Arabic medicine for centuries. It is a plant with phytotherapeutic properties. Comparative price: SEK 490/kg

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Moringa leaves- 100g ECO

Organic moringa leaves contain a lot of protein, potassium and iron (moringa contains more iron than spinach) and vitamins A, C and E. It also contains a lot of manganese, chromium and boron. This product is a dietary supplement. Comparative price: SEK 550/kg

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Aloe vera leaves - Aloe vera 100g

Aloe vera is a plant believed to have originated in North Africa. The leaves are suitable for drinking as well as for cosmetic use. They are rich in polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes. The herb has a very wide range of uses. Comparative price: SEK 490/kg

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Cistus Incanus 150g -ECO

Cistus Incanus -is an herbal tea originating in southern Europe. The purge infusion can improve the body's overall condition and well-being. This is a dietary supplement. Comparative price: SEK 567/kg

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Cistus incanus leafs 100g

Cistus is a shrub that is mainly grown in the Mediterranean area. The herb is a source of polyphenols, i.e. natural antioxidants. Cistuste has a slightly bitter, but delicate herbal taste and aroma. This is a dietary supplement. Comparative price: SEK 490/kg

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White mulberry leaf - Morus alba 100g

White mulberry (Morus alba) is a smaller tree native to East Asia, but is grown in various regions around the world. Contains many active substances including: alkaloids, anthocyanins, flavonoids and amino acids and vitamin C. In China, it is a tradition to drink tea on mulberry leaves as...

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Eucalyptus leaves - Eucalyptus globulus 100g

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) is a well-known plant and many of us can associate eucalyptus with flavoring, which we mostly come across in lozenge form or chewing gum. Eucalyptus leaves contain eucalyptus oil, which gives a wonderful, cooling and characteristic flavor to food and tea. The...

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