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Raspberry is perhaps one of the most useful berries because it has many uses. Examples of this, in addition to fresh consumption and desserts, are juice, jam, jelly, wine, meal drinks and smoothies. Raspberry leaves can be used fresh or dried in herbal tea.

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Raspberry occurrence

Raspberries grow mainly on newly created clearings, but also on steep slopes, roadsides and thickets. Preferably pick the raspberry leaves during the month of June because the young leaves contain the most nutrients.

Keep in mind that raspberry can be confused with blackberry which is also a berry but also with the rarer berry blue raspberry, which is more sour in taste.

Raspberry uses

Did you know that raspberry leaf tea is traditionally recommended to pregnant women at the end of their pregnancy to prepare the body for birth and to start labor?

Raspberry leaves can be used fresh or dried in herbal tea.

Ingredients: Dried and chopped raspberry leaves.

Dosage: Carefully crush a heaped teaspoon in a cup and fill up with 2 dl of boiling water. Leave for up to 10 minutes.

Storage: dry, dark and well sealed

Country of origin: Europe

It is best to consult a doctor or pharmacist when taking herbal preparations, as choosing an appropriate herbal preparation requires as much knowledge as when it comes to a chemical preparation. It should be remembered that these types of preparations can interact with the medications taken, posing a threat to health. Some herbal preparations can have a very strong effect, so you should follow all recommendations and restrictions from the manufacturer.

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