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Ekoplanet, Burdock root - Arctium radix tincture 1:1 100ml

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  •  root contains minerals as well as chlorogenic acid and inulin
  •  is used as a flavoring agent in tea or soft drinks
  •  fits in herbal tea/decoction

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 Burdock root occurrence

Burdock is a fairly large herb that can grow up to two meters tall. The plant has large, heart-shaped leaves and small, red-violet flowers that bloom between July and August. It is the nest scales of the flowers that attach to the clothes; they end with a sharp hook cushion. The plant grows in Sweden on nutrient-rich cultivated land, by farms and roadsides.

What is Burdock good for?

Traditionally, both the leaves and the root have been used in the kitchen. In the Middle Ages, burdock was cultivated in Europe so that the roots could be eaten as a vegetable. The flavor is reportedly reminiscent of artichoke to which burdock is related. In Japan today, burdock root is considered a delicacy. There it is called Gobo and is eaten in much the same way as we eat asparagus. The herb is also popular in countries such as Italy, Brazil, Portugal and the UK where the root is used as a flavoring agent in herbal teas and soft drinks.

The herb can be used as a flavoring agent in tea or soft drinks. Can also be used to dye fabric, gives the color orange/grey.

  Active ingredients in Burdock

Borage root is rich in calcium, chlorogenic acid, flavonoids, iron, tannic acid and above all inulin. Inulin is a hard-digested carbohydrate that counts as dietary fiber. Humans cannot break down inulin and therefore it does not affect our blood sugar. In contrast, inulin acts as food for beneficial intestinal bacteria.

 Ingredients: Tinctura Bardanae 1:1,

 burdock root (Arcticum lappa), certified ethyl alcohol, purified water.

Ethanol content in the tincture: 30%.

 Dosage: 1-3 portions of the pipette up to three times a day. Dilute in a small amount of water.

1 scoop (pipette) corresponds to approx. 0.5 ml

Contents of the daily portion:

4.7 ml of burdock root extract - Arctium radix

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

This product contains approx. 375 mg of alcohol per serving, this corresponds to 9.4 ml of beer or 3.6 ml of wine.

 Storage: store in a closed container at room temperature, protect from light and heat. Keep out of reach of children.

 Country of origin: Poland

 ATTENTION! Dietary supplements cannot replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not use in case of allergic reactions. The product should not be used by children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, hypersensitive people, people who are addicted to alcohol and who use psychotropic drugs.

Avoid contact with eyes, contains alcohol.

Ekoplanet, Burdock root -...

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