Ekoplanet, Great yellow gentian root - Gentiana lutea radix 50g

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Great yellow gentian ( Gentiana lutea ) is a plant that grows slowly but can be very old and, unlike most gentians, is not blue but yellow. The plant has been sought after as an ingredient in some alcoholic beverages. The herb contains, among other things: pectins, essential oils, mineral salts and amarogentin.

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Great yellow gentian occurrence

Great yellow gentian root is native to the southern and central parts of Europe where it grows on alpine and subalpine grasslands, usually on calcareous soils, unlike most gentians it is not blue but yellow. They grow slowly but can get very old.Great yellow gentian has many small yellow flowers that appear in late summer. The plant is protected in several countries, which is why it is now cultivated.

Great yellow gentian uses

Great yellow gentian  contains many active compounds, the most important of which are alkaloids, sugars, mucilage, pectins, essential oils and mineral salts, as well as amarogentin. The whole plant tastes bitter, but it is mainly the root that is used. The root of the Great yellow gentian contains some of the most bitter substances known to man. It is used as a flavoring, natural remedy but also as an ingredient in certain alcoholic beverages.

Great yellow gentian side effects

In small amounts, the plant is safe for most people, but when taken in larger doses, it can cause nausea and vomiting. It should be avoided by people suffering from advanced gastric or duodenal ulcers, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers.

Ingredients:Great yellow gentian dried root (Gentiana lutea radix)

Dosage: Infusion, ½-1 teaspoon of herb per cup of boiling water. Drink 1 cup 15-30 minutes before meals.

Storage: dry, dark and well sealed.

Country of origin: Poland

ATTENTION! Avoid Gentiana lutea during pregnancy, breastfeeding or in case of advanced gastric or duodenal ulcers.

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