Ekoplanet, Elecampane root - Inula helenium 100g

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Elecampane root (Inula helenium) also called alant, Elin's root or inula herb. It has long been cultivated as a medicinal and ornamental plant.

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 Elecampane root origin

Elecampane root is a beautiful plant with a flower and deep symbolism. The Latin name of the plant is Inula helenium and refers directly to Helen of Troy. The princess was kidnapped from her hometown and shed many tears, and legend has it that yellow flowers resembling sunflowers grew in their place.

The famous Greek botanist doctor Discorides extended the Åland root's fame and attributed to it a number of valuable health properties. The root contains the starch substance inulin. The herb is also used in the perfume industry.


As with any other herb, one should not exceed the recommended daily intake. There are documented reports of consumption of excessive doses of Inula helenium root extract causing vomiting, spasms, diarrhea and, in rare cases, even paralysis. In addition, it is not recommended to use Elecampane root during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The herb can also cause allergic reactions, especially in people who are allergic to plants in the Asteraceae family. The herb can also have an effect on sugar levels and blood pressure. For this reason, diabetics should consult with the doctor about the use of the product.

 Ingredients: Elecampane root 100%

 Dosage: It is recommended to add 1 teaspoon of elecampane to a glass of boiling water and let it steep for 10-15 minutes, covered. Drink 1-2 times a day.

Storage: Store in closed packaging at a temperature not higher than 25 ° C, protect against light, moisture and the influence of foreign smells. Store out of sight and reach of children.

Country of origin: Poland

 ATTENTION! Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Do not use in case of allergic reactions. Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Diabetics should consult the use of product with a doctor before using the herb.

Ekoplanet, Elecampane root...

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