Most popular herbs - licorice, lemon balm and chamomile and what other ingredients they can be combined with

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It is important to brew herbs covered, as the valuable essential oils can disappear with the steam. The vessels and all the accessories we use for our herbal teas must be made of glass, ceramic or stainless steel. Other metals, especially copper and aluminum, can react with the infusion and change its properties. You can read more about the art of brewing herbal tea here ( ).

We will take a closer look at the classics, i.e. licorice root, chamomile and lemon balm. How and for how long should you brew them?

Let's start with the most popular, that is, chamomile and lemon balm. Almost all of us know their health properties – they improve metabolism, help with digestive problems. They'll also soothe your head - helping you wind down after a long day.

So much for health – but how do they taste? Chamomile has a slightly sweet taste with a slight earthy note, and lemon balm sometimes has a surprisingly lemon-like aroma :)

How to brew chamomile? What additional ingredients go with this herb?

Chamomile goes well with lemon, honey and why not fresh thyme - this flower is best combined with ingredients that will enhance its natural sweetness on the one hand, and balance it a little on the other. If you want to go a step further and get a little crazy, try brewing chamomile + raw cacao beans + orange. Personally one of my favorite herbal teas :)

Lemon balm - how to brew this herb with ingredients other than citrus?

Lemon balm has its lemon notes thanks to the chemical compounds it contains - citral and citronellol. Other ingredients worth trying and combining with lemon balm are tropical fruits - passion fruit, mango and various flowers - especially elderberry and lavender. In turn, vanilla will be perfect to balance its acidity :)

Roots and superfoods

Different roots - ginger, as well as licorice and turmeric - make up a separate, rich category of flavors. In addition, the underground parts of the plant are rich in nutrients, which is why many of them fall into the category of so-called superfoods - the leader here is turmeric, an inconspicuous root with a beautiful color that hides bitterness. It is worth spending some time getting used to its taste, because when used in the company of other ingredients, it gives the infusion a unique aroma and taste.

Licorice and ginger

Both are the undisputed king and queen of the winter evenings - she is sweet, he is sharp, a little aggressive - remember, however, that the intensity of both roots means that they work best in the company of other ingredients that will keep them in check :) Apples, pears , citrus fruits or maybe cloves, cinnamon and cocoa beans?

The choice is always yours - let your imagination run wild, look for inspiration in fine dining, look into the lexicon of flavors - there are many possibilities, and looking for interesting combinations is a good test of our culinary creativity.

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