Are there any herbs for women's sex drive?

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In both cases, libido is measured using standardized questionnaires. Despite this, female libido is much more difficult to investigate because it depends on the menstrual cycle and it varies in periods throughout life. For this reason, more research is being conducted on male sexual function. Male sex drive is relatively stable :) The erection also tells us a lot and it is easier to describe it with such a questionnaire.

Herbs that can work:


This root plant originating in the Peruvian mountains has been gaining more and more popularity for some time. As interest in it grows, more and more research is emerging that explains its effects. Researchers are particularly interested in the effect of maca on fertility and libido.

The indigenous people of Peru used maca 2,000 years ago to improve fertility and increase sex drive.

What does science say about this?

Several studies have so far been carried out on both women and men. Their results suggest that maca can improve sex drive in both sexes if used regularly for at least several weeks [1].

I chose maca in the list dedicated to women because, first of all, I believe that maca has a stronger effect on women than on men. It affects women's hormonal balance. In studies involving menopausal women, maca increased estrogen levels, eliminating the unpleasant symptoms of this period [2, 3]. This effect is naturally followed by an improvement in libido and sexual function. However, Maca also improved female libido without affecting hormonal balance [4]. The typical dose used in studies is 2 g of powdered maca per day.


It is a plant from Mexico, which has long been considered an aphrodisiac, as highlighted by one of its Latin names. It is believed that damiana can increase sex drive, especially in women, and improve the experience of intercourse. It was used for these purposes already in Mayan times.

However, there is no scientific evidence for this effect. Compared to maca, damiana has practically not been tested in this regard. We can only base our assumptions on animal experiments and count on clinical trials in the future.

However, there is potential in this direction! Rats fed damiana, which were described as "reproductively burned out", increased their sexual activity under its influence [9, 10].

Another positive property of damiana is its positive effect on mood and ability to relieve anxiety, which can theoretically lead to improved quality of intercourse.


This is another plant with pro-estrogenic properties. It occurs naturally in India and other tropical countries in southern Asia, as well as in Africa and Australia. It became popular thanks to Ayurvedic medicine, which has used its properties since ancient times.

It is not without reason that this plant was named shatavari. This Sanskrit name literally means "she who has a hundred husbands." How can you handle so many men?! According to Ayurveda, it is possible with shatavari ;)

This plant has not had much research yet. According to information from traditional medicine, shatavari increases blood flow to women's erogenous zones, which increases the desire for sex and the sense of pleasure derived from it [11].

In addition, shatavari root contains phytoestrogens that activate human estrogen receptors, which should also have a positive effect on libido. An additional effect of this property is the reduction of symptoms of menopause or PMS, as well as the stimulation of fertility [12].


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