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Activated charcoal - 90 capsules 450 mg

Activated charcoal is flexible capsules in a vegetable cellulose capsule with activated carbon from coconut, a prominent source. Activated charcoal acts as a powerful adsorbent and helps to reduce excessive gas formation after meals. This is a dietary supplement. Comparative price: SEK 2.43/cap...

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Kelp Organic Iodine 350 µg 120 capsules ECO

Kelp Organic Iodine is a natural iodine supplement and contains only pure kelp with iodine in vegetable kelp capsules. Kelp is the best source of dietary iodine and this special formula has been carefully designed to provide 350 µg of iodine in each capsule. This is a dietary supplement....

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Selenium 200ug 120 capsules

Selenium-L-Methionine (l-selenomethionine) is an element found in the soil. It contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and the immune system. It is also important for healthy hair and nails. G&G uses L-selenomethionine in their product and it is an organic form of selenium,...

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