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Batom Maca -Lepidium meyenii tablets 250pcs ECO

Organic Maca (Lepidium meyenii) tablets are an option for people who prefer this form of taking dietary supplements. Maca is a plant grown high in the Andes of Peru. The dried macaroot is characterized by a high content of carbohydrates, including valuable dietary fiber. This product is a dietary...

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Batom Moringa leaf tablets 250pcs -125g ECO

Moringa is a tropical tree of the Moringidae family, native to India and Pakistan, also known as the horseradish tree. It is drought tolerant and has been domesticated in areas such as Asia, Africa and South America. This product is a dietary supplement. Comparative price: SEK 0.76/tab (SEK...

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Batom Spirulina- 400mg 300pcs tablets ECO

Spirulina is the name of a blue-green algae that grows in the warm waters of Central and South America and Africa. These algae are small and spiral-shaped, hence their name. Spirulina contains a lot of chlorophyll and over 100 different nutrients. This product is a dietary supplement....

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Chlorella and Spirulina 240 tablets x 500mg ECO

To solve the dilemma of many people who wonder which algae to choose: spirulina or chlorella, we have combined them in equal proportions in one tablet. Now all the benefits of both algae in one tablet. This is a dietary supplement. Comparative price: SEK 0.78/ table. (SEK 6,30/portion)

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Coconut butter - 250g ECO

Coconut butter is made by grinding coconut meat. At higher temperatures, it takes the form of a thick cream. Comparative price: SEK 220/kg

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Coconut oil fragrance-free - 250ml ECO

Unscented coconut oil (refined) is perfect for people who don't like the smell and taste of coconut oil. Comparative price: SEK 196/kg ATTENTION! SHORT DATE: 02.2024 Lowest price in the last 30 days before price reduction SEK 49.

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